Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weber River Caddis Hatch

Carpet caddis hatches are going on right now on the Weber! I guided some clients up there last Saturday and the caddis were so thick we couldn't keep them off us.

Elk Hair Caddis patterns will work on top, Sparkle Pupa, Graphic Caddis and probably any other caddis pupa pattern will catch fish. We also had success on cased caddis patterns. Anything caddis seems to be working on the Weber right now! Check out flytying123.com for all your tying needs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Success on the Lower Provo

On Saturday I took James (above) and Steven (below) fishing on the Lower Provo. They are both new to fly fishing, but after just a few minutes both of them had the hang of casting and mending. The river was fishing a little slower than I had expected, but after just a little while both of them started hooking into fish.
I am very excited for James and Steven since they both have intentions of continuing their fly fishing experience. They have all their own gear and, in my opinion, they were wise to book a guided trip as they are learning how to fly fish. This can shave off months and months of trying to figure things out for themselves. I was able to pass along some basic tips and techniques, and at Utah Pro Fly Fishing, who I guide for, we guarantee that people will catch fish or they don't pay a dime. Wise decision by James and Steven, and I'm sure they are now ready to catch fish on their own, no problem.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fishing with Andrew

My son Andrew turned two in March, I can't believe how fast he grows! He loves to go to the river with me to throw rocks and look at bugs. Yesterday we decided to venture out and try to catch a fish or two in between the rock chucking and bugs. We took along the fly rod, net, and four flies (my boxes were left at my in-laws house up the road, so thats all we had). After breaking off the first three flies in the first ten minutes we resorted to our last hope, a simple wet fly/streamer made from duck and thread. Neither Andrew or I had ever really fished it much, but we decided to gave it a try. Low and behold, FISH ON! It was actually a nice 16'' brown that scared Andrew to death every time it wiggled in my hands. We had a blast, and neither Andrew nor I can wait to hit the river again and try our luck again with that simple streamer that we now know catches fish.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Fish Felicidades

Justin and I took his roommate Oswaldo and his father and brother-in-law out fishing on the Logan last friday. We had a great time, and help them get into some fish. They are from Venezuela so there was a solid language barrier between us (Justin and I) and them, excluding Oswaldo Jr. who speaks very good english. My Portuguese helped me a little, and when it was all said and done it was a very fun and successful trip for all of us. I can even prove it was successful, just check out the pic below of Oswaldo Sr. with his first fish ever. That picture speaks a thousand joyful words for sure!Justin is the owner of Utah Pro Fly Fishing guide service. Him and I are going to be working together this summer guiding on the Weber, Provo, and other local streams. We guarantee you will catch fish, or your trip is on us. Contact Justin for a guided trip and we'll see you one the water!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monster Rainbows: End of Finals Celebration

Today was a great day. I have been going to college since the fall of 2001, with a few breaks here and there, and I today I took my very last final. That feels good! I also caught an eight pound rainbow today, and oddly enough, that felt even better! I'm sure it is just a stage of euphoria that goes along with catching huge fish, but it has definitely got ahold of me right now.
My buddy Clarence (pictured below) has been telling me about some private ponds here in Cache County that harbor monster trout. Well, it's true, there are HUGE trout in these ponds!
Clarence, Phil (pictured below), Paul, James, and myself all went out to celebrate the end of the semester. We all caught fish, most on nymphs, some on streamers, and all fish were over 20".
Phil actually caught a bow that was pounds bigger than the one he is holding here. Pictures were taken with a different camera, but I'm sure he will post it on his blog The River Warrior so make sure you check it out.