Monday, June 21, 2010

Underwater Brown Trout

I finally got an underwater picture of a fish that I think is just awesome! This brownie was caught by my client Nick last Thursday. He was played to exhaustion before landing and after a quick waterless picture, we released him where he briefly caught his breath in the shallows and allowed me to capture this picture.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Utah Small Streams are Amazing!

I had almost forgot how fun it is to fish small streams. I am still on a high after last Saturday's adventure that Kohler and I had. I'm sure my euphoria will continue still for a while.

If it looks like Kohler ended up with all the huge fish it's really because I am the one with the camera that snaps most the pics, while he constantly refuses to take pictures of me with giant fish... at least that is the lie I tell myself when the luck rolls his way and he turns over more hogs than I do. Good job Kohler. Next time the luck is mine!
Watch out for these guys! You never know when you are going to walk within three feet of one and not know it, right Kohler?

Provo River Tributary: The Burk

Suckers have moved into tributaries of the middle Provo. I think they are spawning, but I am not a sucker expert by any means. This giant ate a hot head wooly bugger as it bounced along the bottom. Kohler and I were actually fishing for a few renegade browns that were in the mix, but we only pulled out suckers of which this was the largest. Crazy huh!?