Friday, May 8, 2009

New Flies for 2009

Here are a few of my latest creations. This fly has been extremely effective this spring, and it has probably found a permanent spot in my fly box. It is similar to a Prince Nymph because of the white biots tied over the back. It has pheasant tail fibers for the tail, red wire, black dibbing for the body, partridge for the legs, and red thread used for the collar. The black tungsten bead adds weight, and ties in the consistent black color. Size 16 has been my favorite size, but it could be tied in other sizes as well. It has been making fish nervous this spring all over Utah.
I have not had a chance to fish these next two flies. This top fly is designed to look like the stonefly family Isoperla. It is tied with lead on the shank, natural biots, fine gold wire, superfine yellow dubbing, swiss straw/thin skin for the wing case, and rubber legs tied in around the thorax. For the two black lines along the abdomen I used a fine tip permanent marker and drew them on. Sizes from 12 to 16. I am excited to try this pattern in some cool, clean, well oxygenated streams where these stoneflies are abundant. 
Very similar to the fly above, this is a darker pattern also tied to imitate stoneflies, but of other families such as the perlidae (golden stones). I used natural biots, fine gold wire, a blend of black and yellow superfine dubbings for the abdomen, swiss straw/thinskin for the wing case, peacock ice dubbing for the thorax, and rubber legs tied in and dubbed over. Once agin with a golden bead. Sizes from 8 to 14.
All of these flies are very easy to tie, and hopefully they will prove to be effective in catching trout.