Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Fly Fishing on the Blacksmith Fork

Last tuesday it started snowing... it continued for two and a half days and dropped over two feet along the banks of one of my favorite rivers. Regardless of the weather I made plans to fish on the second of the two snow filled days. However, it quickly became evident to me that I would be wasting my time when I noticed the temperature outside was a dismal six degrees and there were large ice chunks constantly coming down the river (reported to me by someone who had driven past the river at midday). I saved myself the misery and tortured myself another way, by waiting until to today to fish.Today's temps were quite a bit warmer than last week, in fact while I fished today it was actually around 12 degrees outside! Stunning I know, how could I sit inside on a sunny paradisiacal day like today? It actually was a wonderful day on the river, besides it being a little chilly. I fished a couple of hours and caught a half dozen fish, none exceeding 12 inches, but beautiful trout nonetheless.

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